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The Good Air Company UK Exclusive

The Good Air Company are officially the first to market with our exciting new and exclusive products.

Our products help prevent the proliferation of bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and protozoan parasites, through the proper and effective use of our disinfectant systems, it is possible to reduce or eliminate most of today’s troublesome bugs, such as influenza, E Coli and MRSA and more currently help fight against Covid-19.

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Acute respiratory diseases account for a significant proportion of preventable human illnesses including Covid-19, many of these diseases have an airborne route of infection, which is why techniques in aerial disinfection are developing continuously.

The Good Air Company have a range of unique and high-performing sanitiser products, our sanitising systems eradicate germs in indoor spaces leaving them clean and fresh. businesses and their customers can now be safer, together.

Our sanitising systems are based on documented Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approvals which are recognised in the UK, this technology continuously and automatically maintains an interior environment of Biostat. One that is safe for the rooms occupants and the environment.

As millions continue to be devastated by the latest Coronavirus pandemic, It has brought hygienic safety to the attention of every individual in our society.

The Good Air Company can provide highly efficient sanitary technologies and solutions. In order to combat the issue of returning to work and operating in close proximity to others

It is almost inevitable that disease can be spread inside the workplace, whether in the office, warehouse, factory or shared vehicles, either by touching contaminated surfaces or by inhaling pollutants within an enclosed airspace.
This risk can be greatly minimised with our products.

Active Oxidation

Active Oxidation Unit
Active Oxidation Unit

Aseptic Plus+

Aseptic Sanitation Unit

Each product works continuously to protect your staff, the public and your customers, ensuring a level of surface hygiene and air space purity for your fleet or premises that can not be accomplished in any other way, each sanitary solution is ideal for installation anywhere.

Meet your duty of care and uphold a clinically clean environment with our sanitary solutions effective against COVID-19.
Protect yourself, your workforce and your clients every second, of every minute , 24 hours a day.

For the first time in the UK business owners, workforces and clients can be comprehensively protected against the risk of transmission of COVID-19 as well as the many other contaminants dangerous to human health that we are exposed to every day.

If you’re an employer or business owner you need to know about new Aseptic Plus+ air and surface sanitiser. It’s been given approval by the EPA for use against COVID-19. Our systems are low-cost to install, they are low maintenance and they don’t require any human intervention to operate.

From consultation to installation, our products are easy to understand, come with a wide and credible reputation worldwide as well as extensive testing reports.

  • Cleanliness is now forefront of everyone’s conscience.
  • Join those brands leading the way in protecting their workforce and clients.
  • We are offering a supply and installation service in commercial or domestic settings.
  • Hygiene standards above and beyond regular cleaning practices.
  • Exeed your business’s duty of care.
  • Two, highly effective sanitary technologies.
  • Each product works continuously protect your workforce.
  • Protect the public and your clients.

Join the big brands leading the way in protecting themselves their workforce and their clients

Decades Of Success

The patented technology in our units is already in use in over four million applications worldwide and is trusted by healthcare facilities, hotels and the food preparation industry. Our technology is now being widely installed in taxis, patient transport vehicles and other private and corporate fleets.

UK Test Results

Tests done in a Private Hire Minibus fitted with Aseptic Plus+ and used on council contracts returned a total reduction of all living organisms (fungi, yeast, mould, bacteria) of 99.85%. Test were carried out by Cavendish Laboratories, a UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK.

No Hidden Costs

Our quotations include installation, testing and certification. Our service contracts are low cost, on time and efficient ensuring the continuous supply of consumables from us direct to you.

Trusted By Big Brands

Installed and trusted by some of the largest companies, franchises, theme parks, hospitals and schools in the US & UK.
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Tested, Approved, Registered

Used by governments, PLCs and emergency services our technology is the first choice.

Simple Installation

Similar in size , both units can be installed almost anywhere. Whilst carrying out similar disinfection the Ionising Vapour unit also offers various fragrances that can be distributed within the treated area.

Tell us where and when you need us, we do the rest and work around you.

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