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All Ports Taxi

All Ports Taxis :  Grimsby

I feel more confident and it works all the time, I need to worry……..,the  extra bookings has already covered the initial cost….

Phil Watts,  Director

All Ports Taxi
Joseph Street
N E Lincs,
DN31 2NU

Tel: 01472 898444

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Passenger & Workforce Vehicle Solutions

Sanitary Solutions For Your Vehicles

Taxi Ramp

Be among the first in the UK  to lead the way and guarantee your passengers or your workforce a cleaner and safer environment


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Duty of Care

Due to the Pandemic Passengers, staff and drivers are worried and extremely cautious when using shared transport. 

Whether you are a self-employed taxi driver, a Taxi Company with multiple vehicles or your Company transports staff and clients or your vehicles are hired out to the general public, whatever the size of your fleet, we all now share a common duty of care. It is vital now more than ever that hygienic safety is at the forefront of maintaining the wellbeing of any passenger in travel as well as vehicles used for patient transport, school and council contracts and the general public. Our sanitary technologies provide a low cost, no human intervention solution that works to protect everyone, all the time.


Most vehicles are not cleaned nearly enough throughout each day as passengers get in and out of the vehicle. Bacteria and viruses are passed from surface to surface and through the small air space within a vehicle posing a huge health risk.

We have the solutions to put that uncertainty at ease by installing advanced technologies which act as invisible combatants shifting you dramatically into a category of those taking the correct measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

Transporting children and passengers with disabilities brings an increased level of litigation and the upmost care should always be taken especially for your more vulnerable passengers.
Installing our systems provides you with an unbeatable unique selling point and ensures you can offer a safe, clean environment to transport your passengers in.

Join the big brands leading the way in protecting themselves their workforce and their clients

Our system is laboratory tested for :-

Avian Influenza / Bird FluH1N1
Avian/Bird Flu
Bacilius Cereus
Bacilius Globigii
Butyl Acetate – Sweet Banana Methyl Metharcyline – Plastic Cleaning Chemicals
Carbon Disulphide – Vegetable Odours
Clostridium Dicile
Clostridium Difficile
H1N1 Swine Flu

Hydrogen Sulphide-H2S – Rotten Eggs
Listeria Monocytogenes
Methyl Mercaptan – Rotten Cabbage
Norovirus Norwalk
Odours- Pet / Perfume / Smoke
Particulate Removal (REME)
Pathogenic Escheria Coli Legionella

Perfume Odours
Pet Odours
Pneumoniae Streptococcus Sp
Pseudomonas Sp
Smoke Odours
Stach. Chart
Stachybotrys Chartarum
Staphylococcus Aureus Streptococcus
Swine Flu

Certifications & Awards

UL 1598:2008 (3rd Edition)
CAN/CSA C22.2 No.250.0:2008 EN

What Can An Employer Do To Reduce The Risk ?

Due to commonplace bacteria & viruses, it is inevitable that an employee will suffer at the hands of it requiring costly time off and potentially further costs in replacing that employee whilst they are sick.When your employees are working or being transported in an enclosed or indoor space such as a vehicle or Office, the rate of infection is so much higher.
Ask yourself the question; what are you doing to protect your workforce and reduce the risk of infection?Our solutions cater to this duty of care with ZERO maintenance and no human operating intervention. A fast installation with continuous and effective decontamination.

Reduce The Risk

The Cost Of Illness For The Employer The Office for National Statistics revealed the total number of days lost to sickness absence increased by 7% between 2017 and 2018 with 141.4 million sick days taken, a figure which is expected to rise.

The most common reasons for sickness absence in 2018 were minor illnesses such as coughs and colds, which are commonly caused by bacteria and viruses.Assuming that employees work 7.5 hours each day on average, taking the average UK salary of £27,600.00 and each employee being responsible for 4.3 sick days per annum, workforces of 49 employees with the average sickness absence rate of 2.2% of working hours per year would cost the employer £26,972.00 based on the average hourly rate of £14.38 and this is best case scenario. If you have senior staff members on higher salaries, the cost is sure to increase.

Avenue Taxis

Avenue Taxis :  Ipswich

This is the only air and surface sanitiser we trust. Customers are really impressed and now understand it’s completely safe to travel with us. I’m having this technology installed across all our vehicles.

Tony Kirby,  Director

Avenue Taxis
16 Neale Street
01473 888 888

CME Heating

CME Heating: Luton

Since having the technology fitted our staff are happy to travel together in the same vehicle which has saved us the cost of hiring extra rental vehicles. We have also had the technology installed in our offices for total peace of mind.

Sue Donohue, Director

CME Heating
9 Alton Road,

Telephone 01582 618288

A2B Taxi's

A2B Taxi Service : Herts

Great product that has made a real difference to us. We show the unit to all our fares and explain that they are safe in the cab.

A2B Taxi Services

The Taxi Office
Ware Train Station
Station Road

A3 B Taxi Service
Tel : 01992 633355

Emperor Barbers

Emperor Barbers : Dunstable

We tell all our customers coming in about the air and surface sanitiser units.
We have a display explaining them, and everyone understands what the technology is doing.
Our customers have been surprised and delighted that we are taking this approach.
It has reaffirmed their confidence in our hygiene practices and has given them the confidence to use our services once more

Emperor Barbers

Emperor Barbers
33-35 Lowther Road


Emperor Barber Logo
Tel : 01582 478 505

Florida Company Creates Jobs

Florida company creates jobs, protects Tallahassee private school with air purification system

By: Channing Frampton
Posted at 5:19 PM, Sep 02, 2020


Clean air during the coronavirus pandemic has been a priority for Tallahassee schools and daycares. Despite the changing world around them, keeping clean air flowing is a big part of Kristal Franklin’s mission at Capital Prep, a private school in Tallahassee.

“We knew air quality was going to be a major factor,” said Franklin.They’re working to keep others healthy and rebound from the pandemic, using science to bring peace of mind to the classroom.It isn’t as simple as filtration technology. They also have temperature checks before anyone comes into the classrooms to keep everyone safe.On average,140 children per day remain at Capital Prep.

“So far out of all this, we’ve had zero cases in our building,” Franklin said.
Zero cases of COVID-19 after implementing safety measures like sinks with soap in every classroom, hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the building, and a new kind of air purification system called REME HALO.
“We’re really happy to be working with a lot of schools, government buildings, gyms, and music venues,” said Tony Julian, the vice president of Commercial Products with RGF Environmental Group, the Florida-based company behind the device.

Capital Prep installed the units in their HVAC system this spring. The system uses ultraviolet light to kill airborne germs coursing through the hallways. The demand for the device is opening doors to 50 jobs at their operation in south Florida.

“We’re working hard, three shifts seven days a week to keep up with that demand,” Julian said. They’re restoring confidence to clients who continue to hope this crisis will soon be over.

“We’re just praying for the best all the time,” said Franklin.

Right now, Capital Prep is at 50 percent capacity to maintain social distance and has three full-time and two part-time job openings. Julian says even with his company’s product, people should still wear their masks and practice social distancing when possible.

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