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Aseptic Plus+Test Results

Test Results : Private Hire Council Contract Minibus

Results: 99.847% Reduction in Measurable Contaminants (TVC)

A test was conducted over 6 days on a minibus that was used to transport passengers under contract with a Local Authority.
It was swabbed in four areas for six consecutive days once the vehicle had returned from its transport jobs.
For the first three days,   (8th 9th & 10Th July 2020), swab samples were taken from within the four areas of the vehicle’s interior with no treatment, which would show  a base level of a Total Viable Count of all living organisms Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi and Mould.
The Total Viable Count of the untreated areas over the three days averaged 7,641.66, which is classed as poor.
Some Total Viable Counts  were classed as ’Gross Soiling’ which is the worst of all possible categories.
The Test vehicle was then fitted with The Clean Air Companies ,Aseptic Automated Sanitation Technology
After the Aseptic Plus+ had been in operation for a  further three days,  swabbing the same areas was repeated (13th 14th &15th July 2020)
On average the Total Viable Count from the swabs taken from the same places as before, but the Aseptic Plus+ treated environment scored on average 11.66  Total Viable Count
That is a demonstrates   99.847% average reduction .
The vehicle which was involved in the tests had no additional cleaning whatsoever and was left to achieve the most accurate results by relying solely upon the Aseptic solution which proved to be unquestionable.

Swab Tests analysed by Cavendish Laboratories, Chelmsford, Essex, UK.
A UKAS accredited Laboratory.

TVC: Total Viable Count
A TVC is not a specific micro-organism but rather a test which estimates total numbers of viable (for the purposes of this data sheet viable means living) individual micro-organisms present in a set volume of sample. The TVC count may include bacteria, yeasts and mould species.

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